Swan Retro Manual Microwave - 25L (3 Colours)

Swan Retro Manual Microwave - 25L (3 Colours)

Swan Retro Manual Microwave - 25L (3 Colours)

Swan Retro Manual Microwave (3 Colours)

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Offering top-end technology and retro styling for the style-conscious homeowner, the 25L Retro Manual Microwave is an impressive addition to any kitchen, which boasts a 25 litre capacity, a 30 minute manual timer and 5 power levels.


Five Power Levels


Thanks to the 5 power levels and defrost setting, cooking delicious meals for the whole family will be made quick and easy for the time pressed cook. Whether you need to heat up leftovers from the night before or defrost bacon for your full English breakfast, you can easily select your desired setting and timer by using the manual knobs.


25 Litre Capacity


The microwave boasts a generous 25 litre capacity, which is more than enough space to fit a standard sized dinner plate, allowing you to heat up a readily prepared meal. By using the lower heat setting you could also warm up dinner plates ahead of serving up dinner so your food stays nice and warm. The 270mm glass turntable makes the appliance easy to clean, taking away all the fuss out of food preparation.


Fabulously Retro


Swan retro is an award-winning range of small and large appliances, as well as kitchen accessories and cookware. The Retro Manual Microwave is available in a host of stylish colours, including sky blue, delicate green, vibrant lime, rich red and traditional cream. There is a shade to suit all tastes. If you’re looking to make a design statement in your kitchen, the Retro Range is ideal for making an impact.


Defrost Setting


Forgot to take tonight’s dinner out of the freezer? There’s no need to go without, thanks to the defrost setting you can defrost your meal in minutes. The setting is also useful for defrosting ready-meals, frozen ingredients for that midweek stir fry and bread for your morning toast. The cooking end signal will notify you when your food is ready too.

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