Nicky Clarke NHS013 Rapid Desired Heated Electric Rollers

Nicky Clarke NHS013 Rapid Desired Heated Electric Rollers

Nicky Clarke NHS013 Rapid Desired Heated Electric Rollers

Nicky Clarke Desired Heated Rollers
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Nicky Clarke is without a doubt Britain's most famous and trusted hair stylist; regarded by journalists as 'the world's most newsworthy hairdresser'. Greatly respected in his industry, Nicky Clarke has long been heralded as the man who made hair glamorous and exciting again. Nicky's passion for hairdressing and his unique style have made him an international icon. As a personal stylist to movie stars, pop icons and princesses - Nicky has worked with on an entire generation of the world's most famous faces. With a career spanning over 35 years, Nicky is still revered by many as the best in the business. His enthusiasm for his work is stronger than ever and he spends much of his time on the salon floor doing what he loves - cutting and styling and creating beautiful hairstyles.



The Nicky Clarke Desired Heated Rollers NHS013 brings the latest in salon styling into your home. The ultra-compact unit is easy to store when not in use and rapidly heats each individual roller, so they're ready when you are. This set contains three different roller sizes with a soft velvet finish and easy to use pins which won't mark your hair.



The set includes 6 rollers in three different sizes for versatile styling - 25mm for defined curls, 32mm for beautiful waves and 38mm for gorgeous volume.



This revolutionary heated roller set has an ultra fast heat-up time of just 30 seconds - ten times faster heat-up vs. Standard Nicky Clarke heated roller set. Once you have selected which roller you want to use, turn on the base unit and push the roller on to the heating post. Your roller will be ready to use in seconds. As you remove one roller, place the next one on to the heating post so this heats up as you prepare your next section of hair. Once in, leave your rollers to cool completely before removing.


Box Contains:

  • 1 x Desired Heated Roller unit
  • 2 x 25mm rollers
  • 2 x 32mm rollers
  • 2 x 38mm rollers
  • 6 x hair pins
  • 1 x Instruction booklet
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