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Back To School Essentials!

Whether you’re heading back to Highschool, College or University this September it is going to be a daunting time after studying from home over the last 6 months. Here at Utek Appliances, we’re going to help you to feel prepared to get back to school with a range of the latest school essentials. Even if some of you are continuing to study from home and attend online lessons over the Autumn then it is important that you are properly equipped to have a successful first term back! From classroom essentials to kitting out your University halls, we have rounded up the products you will need to make your experience much easier.

It is important that before you head back to school your technology is up to date. It’s time to ditch the notepads and go digital with the Samsung T290 Galaxy Tab A. This tablet has a design that so easy to carry and store in your backpack as it is slim, compact and portable. When it comes to performance and space, Galaxy Tab A (8.0”, 2019) checks off all the boxes. It comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage and the latest Android OS P. A dedicated SD Card slot allows up to 512GB more, so you can keep all your documents in one place. This tablet is perfect for studying from home and attending virtual lessons meaning you can work from anywhere.

Shop the Samsung Galaxy Tab A here.

It’s always a good idea to have a printer on hand at home for any documents that you may need to print, this could also save you on printing costs if you need frequent access to a printer. The HP Envy Wifi Printer is a high-performing printer with features (mobile and photo printing) that enable both creativity and productivity for a busy household. Suitable busy students who want an affordable, full-featured all-in-one to easily complete multipage copy, scan and fax tasks and to print borderless, lab-quality photos and laser-quality documents from multiple mobile devices and PCs.

Shop the HP Envy All-in-One Wifi Printer here.

Whether you’re after some great headphones for the daily commute to Uni or if you’re wanting to cancel out the sound around you whilst taking part in an online lesson then we have a wide range of headphones to suit any need. The AKG K52 High-Performance Headphones are a good all-rounder for any occasion, the closed-back design eliminates any audio leakage and delivers sounds to your ears only, meaning you will not be disturbing any fellow students whilst listening in the library or study areas. You’ll enjoy a private workspace, no matter where you choose to create. These headphones are designed to be lightweight with comfort in mind, the breathable ear pads encircle your ears rather than putting pressure on them which is ideal if you are wearing them for long periods of time.

Shop the AKG K52 Headphones here.

If you are a student heading back to Uni or if you are a fresher, it’s always good to be prepared with the right domestic appliances. This is a time where you are completely left to your own devices when it comes to cooking and cleaning so you need the right tools for the job. A student staple in the kitchen has to be beans on toast and a good cup of tea! In regards to choosing the right toaster and kettle for the job, you want something reliable that will not break the bank. The Tower Elements toaster and kettle collection is a great budget option for your University accommodation as it has all of the functions of a high-end toaster at a fraction of the price. This collection has a simple design that will fit into any kitchen decor. This design makes the collection easy to clean and maintain, further making it both a useful and practical addition to your kitchen.

Shop the Tower Elements collection here.

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