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The best fans to get you through a Summer heatwave!

Are you desperately trying to find the best fan now that the forecast is showing hot weather for the foreseeable? The UK is gearing up for another week of heatwaves and there is nothing worse than having to cope with the hot and sticky days and sleepless nights without a fan to keep cool. This is why we have put together a list of the best indoor fans and coolers on the market now so that you don’t have to frantically search!

The Best Budget Fan

If you’re after a quick and easy fix and you are not looking to spend too much money as you will be putting it in the loft as soon as Summer is over then the Pifco 12″ desk fan is the one for you. This fan may be cheap but it certainly does not compromise on power. The level of power can be adjusted to one of three speed selections, distributing a low, medium or high current of cool air to the surrounding area. The fan head features an adjustable vertical tilt and a rotary oscillation feature so you can pivot and position the airflow across a wider angle to efficiently cool different areas of the room. The white structure is supported by a stable base, with non-slip rubberized grips to enhance stability across flat surfaces. This is the perfect all-rounder budget fan.

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The Best Luxury Fan

The Meaco 1056 Personal Air Cooling Fan may not look the prettiest but it is up there with one of the best fans for its value making it a no brainer when it comes to investing in a good fan. The MeacoFan 1056 combines market-leading DC technology with a large airflow to provide you with a highly effective, quiet and energy-efficient cooling fan. Awarded Best Buy Fan 2018 by The Independent and a Quiet Mark approved product, the MeacoFan is the ideal solution to meet your bedroom, living room or office cooling needs.

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The Best Looking Fan

Good looking fans are hard to come by and sometimes what a product may make up for in style it may lack in substance. Not only is the Boneco F220 cool to look at it is also seriously powerful with a unique design and air shower technology. The Boneco F220 allows for adjustable height to fit your individual needs. The head of the fan can be rotated 270 degrees so it can be pointed virtually anywhere you’d like. The superior air circulation is achieved by 3 main points: the single-arm design allows for maximum air intake, the deep pitch fan blades draw large amounts of air through the fan, and the unique curved shape of the front grid l boosts the fans airspeed. This all allows for a truly versatile fan. Point it at the ceiling for the signature air shower feeling and to reduce hot and cold zones, direct air between multiple floors, pull fresh air indoors, or use it with your air conditioner or furnace to achieve a uniform temperature within your space.

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