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Deep Clean Your Home With Utek Appliances

It’s more important than ever that we make sure we are deep cleaning our homes and unless you have the right equipment for the job then it will be hard to tackle some of the stubborn areas in your home! A deep clean is great for the mind as well as hygiene and can increase motivation and positivity so why not give it a go? At Utek we are here to point you in the right direction of the best tools for the job and give you some helpful tips to get your house sparkling clean!

Surfaces and Appliances

The best place to start with a deep clean is to wipe down all surfaces and appliances, this means that you can remove any dust or debris ready to get rid of later. Lightweight cordless vacuums are ideal for removing any dust or debris from a variety of surfaces and they make the job super easy and quick. The Eureka Swan SC15824N is lightweight and easily transforms into a portable handheld vac meaning you can reach all corners of your home. This model has up to 22 minutes runtime on a full charge which means you can easily cover your entire house.

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At the moment it is really important that we are washing our hands regularly and remembering to sanitise any surfaces/appliances that we have touched. Make sure that any cleaning products that you use on your devices and appliances are safe to use without risk of causing damage.


Once you have given each room a wipe over and clean then you should go back and do your floors last. Certain debris can be hard to remove with a standard vacuum, particularly if you are a pet owner, we would always recommend a cordless vacuum for easy manoeuvrability but it is important that when you choose a vacuum you do not compromise on power. The Tower RXp10 vacuum may not be cordless however it features multi-cyclonic technology which ensures quality performance. This model is ideal for pet owners.

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Once you have vacuumed away any debris or dust from every room we would recommend giving your hard floor areas a once over with a mop or surface cleaner. The Flash Speedmop is so popular at the moment and we can see why. It is so easy to use and store and the extra wet wipes ensure a shining finish every time. We would really recommend this product and we feel that every household should have one!

To try the Flash Speedmop for yourself, shop here.

Glass Cleaning

With some of us working from home at the moment it means that we have that bit of extra time where we can get round to the jobs we would normally avoid. Glass and window cleaning can be a tough job to tackle and sometimes it can be left looking streaky in places. With the Tower RWV20 you can soon have your windows and ovens sparkling with minimal effort required. This product is amazing for removing smudges and condensation from your windows as well as tackling stubborn stains on your oven door. This vac also includes a 300 ml spray bottle and microfibre wiper to ensure that every last mark is removed efficiently.

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