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Our Top Tips For Working From Home

We’re nearly 3 months into the global pandemic COVID-19 now and we are aware that some of us may still be working from home whilst social distancing. Here at Utek we want to make sure that you have got everything you need in order to be productive along with some useful tips for working remotely.

Make a Schedule

Sitting down to work from home can be overwhelming and lot’s of us can lack motivation if we have no idea where to start. We find that making a plan of action really helps, this means that you can break your day up into hourly slots to make sure that you have a clear idea of what tasks you will be completing on a daily basis. A great way to make a schedule is to produce a colour-coded spreadsheet or even just an old fashioned checklist – this will help you to stay focused on the task ahead and keep motivated.


Create a Relaxed Workspace 

When you are working from home you can often face distractions so it is important that you set up your workspace in a calming and quiet environment. Setting up a proper desk is the key to staying focused, make sure that you have everything you need to avoid working from your sofa. Particularly in the Summer months, the air can get a little muggy indoors and it is important that you are breathing easy whilst trying to motivate yourself to work from home. We recommend an air purifier for your home office to create a relaxed and clear working environment filled with fresh air.

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Avoid Distractions

Whether you have been binge-watching Netflix or you’re desperate to check your social media it is important that you try and stay strong and remove any distractions from your working area. You can always use your schedule to reward your hard work at the end of the day or on your lunch break to keep you motivated and finish any tasks. 


Make Sure You Have The Best Tech For The Job

There is nothing worse than trying to start a job and your laptop or computer just isn’t cooperating, to avoid a delay to any work it is important that you make sure your technology is up to the task ahead. Whether you’re after a laptop, tablet or new work phone here at Utek we can supply you with the latest in tech to make sure working at home is a breeze.


Wind Down and End Your Day

Without your work colleagues around you, it is easy to get stuck into a task and let your work take over your evening however it is important to wind down and pull yourself away from the computer once you have completed your usual working hours. Working from home is all about routine and in order to stick to your routine and feel motivated for the next working day switching off and clocking out at your usual time is key. You could try setting an alarm as a reminder to end your working day. The Fitbit Charge 3 is ideal for setting alarms and keeping track of when to clock off and take a break. You can also use the step counter to make sure that you are taking a break from your screentime and getting those important steps in.

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