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Our Top Appliances For The Perfect Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? and with Shrove Tuesday fast approaching on 25th February we’re showing you our top tips on how to create the perfect pancake. Making pancakes could not be easier but here at Utek Appliances, we’re here to point you in the right direction of the best appliances to make your pancake day run that little bit smoother! All you need to do is the perfect flip and add your favourite toppings and you are good to go…

First of all, you will need to add your batter ingredients to a large mixing bowl, all you need is flour, eggs, milk and a little oil for your pan! Once you have measured your ingredients and added these to a mixing bowl you will then need a hand mixer to whip up the mixture. The Smeg HBF02 hand mixer is ideal for quick baking jobs and would be the perfect appliance for creating light and fluffy pancakes.

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When it comes to pancakes it is all in the flipping action and the last thing that you want is your creation sticking to the pan. With the GreenPan Venice Ceramic Non-stick frying pan, you can flip the ultimate pancakes without any mixture sticking to the pan or burning. Whether you are making one or two pancakes for yourself or a full stack of pancakes for the whole family, this is the ideal pan as you can keep your stack in the oven to save them from going cold whilst you whip up more.

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Once you have made your full stack of pancakes all that is left is the fun part…toppings! It doesn’t matter if you are a sweet or a savoury fan, there are delicious pancake toppings to suit everyone. If you are more on the sweet side then chocolate is always the go-to topping for you! With the Princess, Fondue set you can melt chocolate with ease and even use it to dip mini pancakes in if you’re looking for an interactive dining experience that will get the whole family involved. If chocolate isn’t for you then why not try a savoury cheese alternative?

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