Kaiser KCT 7797 FI ElfEm - Empire 77cm Induction Hob Ivory


Kaiser KCT 7797 FI ElfEm - Empire 77cm Induction Hob Ivory

Kaiser KCT 7797 FI ElfEm - Empire 77cm Induction Hob Ivory

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Induction ceramic glass hob with free heating zones, which allows you to cook in any convenient area.

  • Rectangular shaped induction coils
  • Number, shape and size of the cooking utensils are not limited
  • Complete freedom of movement for the utensils on the heating field
  • Activation of the heating zone only under the utensils
  • High speed heating power
  • Keep warm heating functionality
  • Timer / minute counter for each of the four heating zones
  • Safety Guard automatic shutdown technology
  • Residual heat indicators
  • Full touch electronic control
  • POWER SLIDE power control
  • Child lock

Barbecue function

When the Barbecue function is switched on, food is cooked over a long period of time (from 2 to 20 hours, depending on the size) at a temperature ~180 °C. This makes the food amazingly tender and tasty!


Teppan Yaki function

Teppan Yaki is a Japanese way of frying food on a special tray, which is called Teppan Yaki in Japanese. In Teppan Yaki mode, the dishes are heated to approximately 230 °C. Due to the high temperature, the intensity and speed of cooking increases significantly, which allows your foods to maintain their beneficial properties and bright taste.

Ceramic hobs

Induction heating elements provide powerful heat and ensure the quickest start facility. The ultimate temperature can be achieved incredibly quickly which results in time and energy saving. This capacity makes the high quality ceramic glass hobs similar to gas cookers. The hobs feature an elegant design which adds a sophisticated style to your kitchen. Ceramic hobs are easy-to-operate and easy-to-clean. The heating elements are controled by means of non-stage controls.

Residual heat indicator

All the electric hobs by Kaiser are equipped with residual heat indicators ensuring users safety. The LED is lit until the temperatue of the corresponding heating zone drops below 60°C. Switched off heating zones can be used for warming up dishes which ensures energy saving.

Electronic precise simmer control

The system provides automatic lowering of the temperature according to your selection. First, the cooking zone is heated-up and then switches off automatically to preserve the temperature at your preselected level.

Ceramic hob with bevelled sides

This hob features a flat one-piece ceramic surface that is sleek, with slightly bevelled edges. The hob design not only impresses aesthetically but also ensures easy and convenient cleaning.

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Product Description

Product Description 

The Empire KCT 7797 FI ElfEm. A beautiful, frameless, ivory ceramic glass induction hob. Ideal for a luxurious kitchen, and can be easily matched to our ivory ovens and cooker hoods to create your perfect kitchen. This induction hob will allow you to cook a variety of truly delicious meals for yourself & your family, with many easy to use cooking features. Experiment with both the Barbeque & Teppan Yaki functions to discover new cuisines, and impress your friends with perfectly cooked food. This induction hob also has many staple features, such as the child lock, high speed heating for quick meals, and an easy to clean sleek one-piece surface. A great choice for your kitchen.

  • Induction ceramic glass hob with free heating zones
  • POWER SLIDE power control & full touch electronic controls
  • Child lock
  • High speed heating power
  • Timer for all four heating zones
  • Barbeque cooking function
  • Teppan Yaki cooking function
  • Flat & sleek one-piece surface that is easy to clean
  • Dimensions (cm); W x 77, D x 52, H x 6.2




Ivory glass with bevels

Dimensions (W × D × H, cm):

Width (cm): 77
Depth (cm): 52
Height (cm): 6.2

Niche dimensions (W × D, cm):

width (cm): 74
depth (cm): 49 
min. height (cm): 3.8

Heating elements:

5 QuickHeat inductions cooking zones, 
from that 2 × 2 flexible FREE-ZONE + round zone

Cooking zones:

Induction super quick heating elements – 5 zones with Power-Boost system: 
2 united heating zones 200×400 mm – 3.5 kW (4.3 kW) Power function), each of 
2 heating zones 200×200 mm – 180 (2.3 Power-Funktion) kW 
1 heating zone Ø 210 mm – 2 (2.3 Power-Funktion) kW

Separate residual heat indications:


Heating zone control:

Touch control + Power Slide

Temperature control:

Power slide control with LED indication

Automatic temperature control:


Electronic child lock:



Technical details


Dimensions in packaging (W × D × H, cm):

87.3 × 62.5 × 14.5


Energy source:

Electric power


Nominal voltage (V):

220 – 240


Frequency (Hz):



Total power (kW):



Meets safety regulations:



Net weight (kg):



Gross weight (kg):



GTIN (barcode)


Product Specification

Model Number: KCT 7797 FI ElfEm
EAN: 4032495081420
Weight (kg): 12.750000
Brand / Manufacturer: Kaiser
Main Colour: Ivory


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