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Blood Pressure Monitors

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  1. Omron HEM-7301-ITKE7 MIT Elite Plus Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Irregular heartbeat detection
    • Hypertension indicator
    • One-button operation
    • Memory storage for 90 readings
    • Clinically validated
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  2. Omron HEM-6310-E RS8 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with NFC Pad
    • NFC Connectivity: NFC data transfer pad included
    • Cuff Wrapping Guide: Indicates if cuff is wrapped correctly
    • Blood Pressure Level Indicator
    • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
    • Hypertension Indicator
    • Clinically Validated: International Protocol
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  3. Omron HEM-6221-E RS6 Intellisense Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Blood Pressure Level Indicator
    • Cuff Wrapping Guide - Indicates if cuff is wrapped correctly
    • Detects irregular heartbeats
    • Sensor ensures monitor is in the correct position
    • Large display and operation buttons
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  4. Omron HEM-7322T-E M7 Intelli IT Blood Pressure Monitor - White
    • Measurements can be taken from any position on the upper arm
    • High blood pressure indicator LED
    • Irregular heartbeat detection
    • Cuff circumference: 22 to 42 cm
    • riple user memory: User 1, User 2 and Guest Mode
    • Storage case included
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  5. Omron HEM-7321-E M6 Comfort Professional Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Stroke prevention – Helps to detect stroke risk
    • Accurate results in any position around the upper arm
    • Blood Pressure Level Indicator
    • Cuff Wrap Guide – Supports accurate  measurement
    • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
    • Clinically validated
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  6. Omron HEM-7131U-E M3 IT Blood Pressure Monitor - White
    • Free access to BI-link Health Management
    • Extended EASY cuff 22-42cm
    • Graphic indicator of blood pressure
    • Memory for two users at 2x 60 measurements
    • Clinically proven accuracy
    • Large, easy to read 3-line display
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  7. A&D Medical UA-651BLE Connected Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
    • WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
    • 30 Memory Recall
    • SlimFit™ Cuff System
    • Clinically Validated
    • Connect to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth
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  8. Omron HEM-6130-E RS3 Intellisense Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor - White
    • Views irregular heartbeats
    • Cuff positioning control
    • Detects body movement during measurement
    • 60 memory spaces with date and time
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  9. Omron HEM-7134-E M3 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor - White
    • Intelli Wrap cuff 22-42 cm
    • Cuff wrap guide
    • LED that signals if blood pressure is above normal
    • Irregular heartbeat detector
    • Two user memory (60 readings per user).
    • Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee
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  10. Omron HEM-7131-E M3 Blood Pressure Monitor - White
    • Irregular heartbeat detection
    • Cuff wrapping guide
    • Wide range cuff 22 - 42 cm
    • Two user memory
    • Warranty of 3 years
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  11. Omron HEM-7121-E M2 Classic Blood Pressure Monitor - White
    • Irregular heartbeat detection
    • Cuff wrapping guide
    • Blood pressure level indicator
    • Reading memory - 30
    • Warranty of 3 years
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  12. Omron HEM-6121-E RS2 Intellisense Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
    • Stroke Prevention
    • 30 Reading recall
    • Cuff Wrap Guide


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  13. Omron 9956685-4 Performed Comfort Cuff, 22-45cm - Grey
    • Replacement Cuff for Omron M7, M6 Comfort, M10IT and 773 blood pressure monitors.
    • Dual size to fit arm circumference 22-45cm
    • Tubing length approx 65cm
    • Supplied with connectors.
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  14. A&D Medical UA-651SL Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Larger Cuff
    • SlimFit Semi Large Cuff (23-37cm) giving the user a more comfortable experience
    • The UA-651SL is clinically validated to the world recognised European Hypertension Society (ESH) guidelines so the user can have complete confidence in their readings
    • A&D’s IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) technology
    • Automatic fuzzy logic controlled inflation
    • The UA-651SL cuff is Latex and metal free
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  15. A&D Medical UA-611 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
    • IHB feature
    • Latex and metal free
    • Slim fit cuff (22-32cm)
    • Store upto 30 data readings
    • 5 Year warranty (exlcuding battery & cuff)
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  16. Omron HEM-CL2-E Upper Arm Replacement Large Cuff, 32-42cm - Grey
    • Omron Adults Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Replacement Large Cuff 32-42cm

    • Note: This product is sold as Cuff Only & No without Blood pressure Monitor

    • Size: 32 - 42cm. Large cuff for use with automatic M2 Basic BPM

    • Note: Cuffs ONLY

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  17. Omron 9999358-2 Large Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff, 32-42cm - Grey
    • Large cuff for Omron MIT monitors
    • Fits arm circumference 32 - 42 cm
    • Compatible only with Omron MIT Elite and MIT Elite Plus blood pressure monitors
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  18. Omron HEM-CS24 Small Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff, 17-22cm - Grey
    • Small cuff
    • Cuff fits arm circumference 17 - 22 cm
    • Compatible only with the Omron M2, M6 (excluding comfort cuff model), 705IT and 705CP upper arm monitors
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