Gardena Sileno City Robotic lawnmower 15005-28

Regular Price £915.00 Special Price £895.00 Save £20

Gardena Sileno City Robotic lawnmower 15005-28

Gardena Sileno City Robotic lawnmower 15005-28

Regular Price £915.00 Special Price £895.00 Save £20
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  • Battery: 18 V/2.1 Ah
  • Charging time: 60 min
  • Mowing time per charge: 65 min
  • Recommended lawn area: <300 m²
  • Max. incline: Up to 35%
  • Cutting height (min-max): 20-50 mm
  • Energy consumption per month: 4 kWh
  • Collision, lift, and tilt sensor


Product Description


The robotic lawnmower for the city garden of up to 300 m²

Lawn care can be so simple and effortless, even in a small city garden. The GARDENA SILENO city with its SensorCut system mows your lawn precisely and reliably, ensuring an even cross section.

Uncomplicated enjoyment

Just put your feet up and enjoy your garden! The robotic lawnmower will take care of cutting the lawn. The fine cuttings remain on the lawn as natural fertiliser. This promotes good growth and saves valuable time during which you can do other things.

High safety

The boundary wire determines the mowing area flexibly and reliably, ensuring that the robotic lawnmower mows only in the specified area. A highly sensitive collision sensor ensures that obstacles in the garden do not impede the robotic lawnmower. When the mower is lifted, the blades stop immediately, preventing injuries.

For small and complex gardens

For complex or angled small lawn areas, the SILENO city robotic lawnmower offers more individual setting options.

SensorCut system

Fully automatic, stripe-free, even mowing. Because the robotic lawnmower mows from different directions, the cross section is even and very clean. Daily care makes the lawn thicker, helping it achieve the appearance of a green carpet.

EasyPassage – automatic handling of tight corridors

The robotic lawnmower’s swivelling rear wheel makes it especially agile. It has no problem with even narrow corridors and tight passages (60 cm or more). This allows flexible charging station placement.

Easy cleaning with a garden hose

The SILENO city is designed so that you can simply use a garden hose to clean all dirt, dust, and grass clippings from the housing, blades, and wheels.

Weather-independent operation

Even poor summer weather does not impede the GARDENA robotic lawnmower. All models function reliably, allowing them to operate independently of weather conditions, even when it is raining.

Adapts to terrain

Handles inclines of up to 35 per cent. The robotic lawnmower’s integrated oscillating rear wheel makes it especially agile.

Bluetooth Connection

Simply pick up your smartphone and easily set up your SILENO city with the GARDENA Bluetooth App from up to 10 m. Benefits include EasyApp Control, Auto Schedule and EasyConfig for easy installation and use with zero fuss.

Extremely quiet

The Silent Drive motors make GARDENA’s the quietest robotic lawnmower on the market so that it does not bother your neighbours. Its sound power level is 58 dB(A).

Product Specification

Model Number: 15005-28
EAN: 4078500051484
Weight (kg): 30.000000
Brand / Manufacturer: Gardena
Main Colour: Grey
Availability date: 2022-06-27 00:00:00


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