Competitions and Prize Draw Entry Terms


Entry closing dates

Entry closing dates may be delayed if we have had delays in processing entries, entry form submissions, checking the entries or any technical related delays. Updated entry dates will be stated here or may be shared on social media or sent to your email address provided in your entry form submission.

Recent or Running Competitions/Prize Draws:

  • Christmas Giveaway (2018) - Daewoo Microwave (2 winners) as main prizes. Wahl Egg Boiler (3 winners) as runner up prizes. Closing date: 25th December

For any other competitions/prize draws not listed above - entries have been closed.

Submitting the Entry Form

All entries are subject to the user submitting a form to confirm they have entered the competition, along with their social media username or URL to allow us to easily find and contact any prize winners. We use this entry form as part of our automated process that counts entries and allows us to easily manage them. Entry form submissions are collected as a list which makes it easy for our selection process when choosing the winning entries.

The form also requests the user enters their address. This will be the address used for delivery. This address will not be shared with any other third party.

If you choose not to include your address information during the early entry stage, you must still complete the entry form and enter "Please request delivery address if I am chosen" in the address field. We will then request your address if you are chosen as a winner.

An entry form submission is considered as a full entry and any entry without the submission of the entry form will not be considered a full entry. Full entries are given priority over any other entry. The only exception to this is in circumstances that we have been made aware of and agreed to accept an entry without the submission of an entry form (such as unable to submit the form due to accessibility issues). These exceptions are solely at our discretion.

If you have any disabilities, special requirements or accessibility concerns that may affect your competition entry, please contact us to let us know so that we can assist you in the best way possible.

Only one entry per person is accepted.

Entry Winner Selection

Entries will be selected at random as winners.

Unless otherwise stated, the below factors may affect your chances of winning a prize:

  • How well your entry has kept to our entry rules (eg. Like, share and follow us – if you’ve done all of these and done them quickly, you may be marked as a “bumped” entry which may increase your chances of winning)
  • How eye-catching or interesting your entry was to our marketing team (for example, some users post pictures with their entry that the team really liked)
  • How engaging your entry was (if your entry is a post that had more likes/shares on it, it may be more likely to be noticed and chosen)
  • Any other factors mentioned on the competition post
  • After the above, we will then randomly select the final winners from our shortlist of entries based on the above factors.

Where a clear competition has been mentioned, other factors may also be taken into consideration (such as "the first 5 people to respond" or "the users who share our post and get the most comments on their post"). In any case, the competition terms will be made clear and at the time, this page will be updated accordingly before the competition goes live.

When entry winners are chosen:

We usually choose our winners and inform them within 14 working days, however delays may occur depending on the number of entries.

If we do not inform winners directly, it may be announced on social media.

Delivery of prizes

Delivery of prizes will be made as soon as possible, however they can take up to 14 working days after competition entries have been chosen. Delays in dispatching prizes may occur without warning or notice.

If there has been a problem with the delivery of a prize, we will do our best to resolve the issue. If the problem is related to a missing item, we may not be able to replace this item as we have limited stock availability on all products that we run promotional campaigns for.

Deliveries can be made to UK Mainland only.

In the unlikely event of winning prizes being damaged or lost in our warehouse/transit, we will try our best to replace them. If it is not possible then unfortunately we would have to inform you that your prize will not be sent. We will always do our best to resolve such issues however many of our prizes are limited in stock or were purchased in bulk at a price we're unable to purchase them at again, and we may not always be able to order more to give away.

Your Information

Contact information submitted on the entry form or via social media will not be shared by third parties. We may use your contact information to contact you regarding your entry.

We may also use your contact information to send promotional or marketing material via Email, SMS or Whatsapp. If you do not wish to receive any of the above, you can simply contact us to let us know you’d like to opt-out of such communication by sending an email to us on and clearly stating your email address, name and any contact information you would like us to remove from our database.


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