Caterpillar CAT S61 64GB Dual Sim Unlocked  - Black

Caterpillar CAT S61 64GB Dual Sim Unlocked - Black

Caterpillar CAT S61 64GB Dual Sim Unlocked - Black

Caterpillar CAT S61 64GB, Dual-SIM - Black

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The Cat S61 boasts an integrated FLIR thermal imaging camera with enhanced software for greater image contrast, expanded temperature range to 400 degrees Celsius, and an upgrade from VGA to High-Definition detail from the visible camera providing unmatched image optimization using FLIR’s MSX® technology.


The Cat S61 also includes an indoor air quality sensor from Sensirion to alert users to high levels of indoor air pollutants (Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs) in their working environment. Common sources of VOC’s include paints, solvents, carpets, furniture and cleaning products, all common in the environments typical to Cat phone users. The Cat S61 will keep watch over indoor air quality levels and inform users when an unhealthy environment is detected, allowing them to make timely decisions such as opening a window to improve ventilation or taking a break. The sensor can also provide humidity and current temperature readings.


The Cat S61 also comes with laser assisted distance measurement which can measure point-to-point distances up to 8m, then calculate area, and switch between Metric and Imperial measurement. All data is saved within the image so alternative measurement estimates can be taken or adjustments made without returning to the site.


The Cat S61 has a large 5.2 - FHD screen, protected by Gorilla Glass 5 and optimised for outdoor use. It also boasts leading rugged credentials. It is IP68 dustproof and waterproof up to 3m for 1 hour. It conforms to MIL Spec 810G, and it is built to survive repeated drop-tests onto concrete from 1.8m. All these features are important to Cat phone customers who often use their phones to read and format plans and invoices while out on the job.


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