Bosch TDI9010GB Sensixx'x Steam Generator Iron, 2800W - Blue & White

Bosch TDI9010GB Sensixx'x Steam Generator Iron, 2800W - Blue & White

Bosch TDI9010GB Sensixx'x Steam Generator Iron, 2800W - Blue & White

  • i-Temp function
  • AntiShine function
  • CeraniumGlissée soleplate
  • 3m cord length
  • 2800W power
  • 200g steam shot
  • Extra large 400ml tank
  • AdvancedSteam system
  • 3AntiCalc function
  • DripStop function
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The TDI9010GB - Power of a Steam Generator in the body of an iron, an internal motor pumps continuous high steam for perfect results.


i-Temp is a function that enables fast and safe ironing with only one temperature - without having to give it too much thought or change any settings. The good thing is that you can enjoy this convenient function with all ironable fabrics.


Protect dark and delicate fabrics with the AntiShine setting.

CeraniumGlissée Soleplate

Extra hard enamel coated surface for especially high quality. As a reason there are good ironing results and glidability. Resistant and easy-clean, dirt does not adhere, zippers do not leave scratches.

3m Cord Length

Extra long 3 m cable for ease of movement during ironing.

2800W Power

With a maximum of 2800 W, an appliance this powerful is guaranteed to deliver good ironing results. Within a very short period of time, you have the full capacity and performance of the appliance at your disposal to combat even stubborn creases.

200g Steam Shot a Motor Steam

Motor generated steam gives 45 per cent deeper steam penetration in vertical and horizontal positions. The 200 g/min steam shot helps to tackle difficult creases, enabled by the extra large 400 ml tank.

AdvancedSteam System

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to ironing. You can rely on the AdvancedSteam System with an optimal and powerful steam output rate. It allows a targeted distribution of the steam over the fabric and deeper penetration into the fabric. How? Using a refined system and the interaction of steam channels, outlet holes and guides. This targeted steam makes ironing easier and also brings you to your goal faster: a neat pile of ironed laundry.


All good things come in threes - this applies to the service life of an appliance too. The 3AntiCalc function, as the name implies, is a threefold function comprising SelfClean, Calc'nClean and a built-in AntiCalc System. It effectively prevents the build-up of limescale in your appliance and reliably increases the service life of your Bosch iron.


The DripStop function is a built-in control in the iron, which independently controls the temperature of the water flow. This prevents water droplets and unsightly water marks on fabrics. After all, there is nothing more annoying than having to put a garment back in the washing basket instead of being able to place it on the pile of ironed laundry. DripStop also works even at low temperatures.

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