Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer 5L - KMX754 (3 Colours)

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer 5L - KMX754 (3 Colours)

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer 5L - KMX754 (3 Colours)

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixers - 5L (2 Colours)

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Kenwood brings to you the new kMix Stand Mixer with enhanced specification to not only look great in your kitchen but produce consistent, excellent results for your food preparation tasks.


This eye catching piece will help you dazzle loved ones and dinner guests alike with delicious dinners or show-stopping sweets.


The accompanying bowl tools, K Beater whisk and dough hook, allow you to create flavoured breads, stylish cakes and enticing pavlovas with ease.


One of the unique features is the fold function which helps to fold and layer ingredients together, exceptionally good for preparing souffles, mousses or meringues where airy mixtures are key to a show stopping creation. The electronic speed control carefully and smoothly builds up speed without causing the spillage of ingredients, particularly when mixing in flour. The glass bowl with splashguard has a generous 5 litre capacity with graduations up the side to assist with measuring out ingredients.


There are over 20 additional attachments available. From creating your own variety of pasta to adding your personal flavours to home made meatballs, this is the ultimate kitchen companion for those who enjoy experimenting and expressing themselves through their cooking.

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