AKG K612PRO Open-Back Over-Ear Premium Reference Studio Headphones - Black

AKG K612PRO Open-Back Over-Ear Premium Reference Studio Headphones - Black

AKG K612PRO Open-Back Over-Ear Premium Reference Studio Headphones - Black

  • Headphone type open
  • Sensitivity headphones 101 dB SPL/V
  • Rated Impedance 120 Ohms
  • Detachable cableno
  • Cable Length 3 m
  • Audio frequency bandwidth 12 - 39500 Hz
  • Maximum input power 200 mW
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AKG K612 PRO Open-Back Headphones

Pure and refined. The AKG K612 PRO Open-Back Headphones reproduce sound with absolute precision. Designed for professional mixing and monitoring, these sophisticated headphones boast an open-back design with circumaural ear cups to deliver a spacious and accurate soundstage.

Patented Varimotion diaphragms provide natural sonic-imaging, enabling you to faithfully hear every detail with outstanding clarity.

The K612 PROs ensure that every listening session is comfortable. Large velour ear pads and a self-adjusting genuine-leather headband let you find the perfect fit with ease. Even during those long studio sessions, luxurious comfort keeps listening fatigue at bay.

Varimotion Diaphragm Technology

The AKG K612 PRO Headphones utilises AKG’s patented Varimotion Diaphragm Technology. This revolutionary technology boasts a two-layer design with one lightweight thin layer and one thicker dense layer. The outer edges of the material are thin, resulting in an extended low-end response, whilst the thicker material provides high SPL handling for superior audio performance. This allows AKG to precisely tune the drivers to provide the best possible performance, resulting in powerful, accurate sound that remains feedback-free.

Ideal for Mixing and Mastering

Combining the custom Varimotion Diaphragm technology with computer-optimised neodymium magnets, the K612 PRO headphones boast exceptional audio fidelity. The Varimotion technology provides premium-grade stereo imaging and pristine sound, whilst the neodymium magnets deliver ultra-low transducer distortion. The result is full and spacious sound that captures every nuance of your sound thanks to the wide frequency range and high-grade components.

Phenomenal Comfort

With a variety of premium materials and design aspects, the K612 PROs envelope you in luxurious comfort. The genuine-leather self-adjusting headband caters to any head size and shape with an ergonomic fit. The earpads are made from Velour, making them soft to the touch and easy on the ears. These design aspects help to minimise listening fatigue.

EAN 5691982094948
Brand / Manufacturer AKG
Main Colour Black
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